Using the Human Immune System to Discover Novel Targets for Cancer Therapy

Immunome is dedicated to creating new, safe, and powerful cancer therapies by targeting stem cell and universal cancer antigens. New targets are needed to create antibody drugs with better activity against diverse tumor types, less resistance, fewer off-target effects, and superior survival outcomes.

Our work starts with patient antibodies, which identify new cancer-specific targets selected by the human immune response. We obtain B-cells from patients shown to have an immune response against their cancers. We create libraries of stable cell lines expressing mature antibodies that are enriched for tumor antigen binding. We use function-driven discovery with cell-based assays to identify cancer-specific, biologically active antibodies that bind antigens expressed on a wide variety of tumor types. These antibodies are then used to identify the cancer-specific targets. These antibody + antigen combinations are a unique source of cancer immunotherapy IP, their exquisite specificity revealed by the natural, protective functioning of the immune system of a cancer patient.